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Sneak Preview!!

Thank you for viewing my interview with Zee Monodee this morning.

I’m excited to see Fans active in my writing career.

Well I don’t want to keep ya’ll waiting to long.

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This entry was posted on February 29, 2012.

Natalie Baum ~ Saturday Talk “Live”

Hello there, ladies! I’m toe-curling glad to be here guest blogging. Thank you, Abby-Rae for allowing me to share some sensory overload lovemaking suggestions with your loyal readers in honor of the upcoming lovers’ holiday!

Now settle in all you sexy vixens, and get your pen and paper ready because when I read the following tips for the first time, I found myself immediately in need of a cold shower. Who am I kidding? Why would I hop into a shower alone when uncorking a spicy bottle of Chianti sounds so much more satifsfying? Especially if you factor in an exotic chocolate bar with that bottle.

One tip that I found particularly romantic involved pausing while in the midst of hot lovemaking to lay your hand on top of your partner’s chest, over his heart and have him do the same to you. Now granted, typically when a man places his hand anywhere near the immediate vicinity of my naked boobies, I immediately want to encourage him to delicately fondle them, but brace yourself girls because that is not the next appropriate step for this hot tip.

Rather than race for the obvious finish line awaiting you at this point in the game, take a few moments to enjoy the feeling of his heartbeat beneath your fingertips. Once you’re ready to ramp up your romantic connection another notch, gently lower your ear to his chest and take comfort in the sound of his heartbeat. Encourage him to lightly stroke your back and play with your hair while you lie atop him. Close your eyes and allow yourself to drift away under his touch to the beat of his natural rhythms.

One additional tip that never fails when wanting to desire your male partner involves paying extreme detail to the way in which you bless his manly member with oral sex! That’s right, I said it…after all that intimacy building with the heartbeating stuff you didn’t think that you’re man wasn’t going to want some sort of hot and sexy blowjob type of thing did you, ladies?

Seeing as how it’s Valentines’ Day, I say why not satiate his every whim and fantasy even if it’s not your average sex move. He’s earned it and more importantly, he’ll love it! Now, I agree that any time a woman moves towards her man’s business, he most assuredly gets all whacky with anticipation! Make these exciting moments last by sitting next to him on the bed and cupping his cock in your hand. Next, lean down, lightly blowing on the exposed parts of his manhood. The trick here is that you want to blow into the tunnel that you’ve created with your hand. The warmth of your breath will graze his dick, heating it to unmanageable heights.

And how may this benefit you directly, you may ask? Just think of the all-night lovemaking session at your fingertips should you please your man to such degrees but not necessarily allow him to reap the full pleasure of said fancy trick. How you finish him off is at your discretion. I fully recommend pushing him down on the bed and sliding on top of him, rocking yourself to ecstasy before allowing him to fully experience the moment.

As much as I would love to be able to lay claim to this helpful information, sure to result in hot lovemaking, Cosmopolitan magazine actually collected these tips and initially shared them. You can find the full article at:

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you find yourself longing to go there and read the low-down on what I’ve mentioned. Extensive research is the first step to all-night sensational sex as far as I’m concerned!

Should you find yourselves yearning to read even spicier lovemaking and dating tips please visit my website at

You can also check out my favorite saucy, sassy chef in her latest book Callie Mallory Chicago Adventure @ Noble Romance: ( when additional hot and sexy physical tips are desired.

Happy Valentines’ Day, everybody!  Here’s to all of us getting steamy, hot and sweaty sex as often as we like over the next five days!

Hugs and kisses,

Natalie Baum

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Coming Soon!! Drive-By Valentine ~ Kimber An


Coming Soon!!!

Pushing thirty on Valentine’s Day, Eve realizes her desperate search for love has led to nothing but misery. Then, she takes a chance on a little old lady who’s famous for finding the perfect guy for every girl just by looking at his truck.


Drive-By Valentine

By Kimber An

Eve laid a hand on the highly polished brass doorknob, twisted, pushed, and stepped over the threshold alone. The smell of fine leather and oil filled her nose, and a little panic nearly made her step back outside. If her mother knew what she was up to, visiting this little antique automobile store the night before Valentine’s Day, she’d just die. Going there was a desperate act, but the girls at work didn’t know anything about the tiny town in the middle of nowhere that Eve discovered quite by accident. And if they didn’t know, Mom would never find out. She planted her feet like trees and beheld the dazzling sight of an old car painted candy-apple red. Ropes made of a deeper red velvet, curtained the vehicle off from curious fingers.

“1926 Model-T,” said a raspy-voiced woman. “My Tommy’s first and still in mint condition.”

Eve lifted her eyes and saw the hunched-back old lady standing behind an ancient, brass-trimmed cash register, which, undoubtedly, did not have any kind of scanner or other modern bells and whistles. Eve figured she better introduce herself. “My name is Eve and I . . . I’m looking for a . . . .”

“Husband. Yes, I know.” The wizened senior had long, gray hair streaked with black and pulled into a beaded barrette. She wore a faded denim shirt and a gold, heart-shaped locket lay against her collarbone.

Eve felt blood rushing through vessels all over her face until her ears burned. The old woman came close to hitting the mark. Eve hadn’t gone there looking for a husband, exactly, but a date for Valentine’s Day sure would be nice.

“My name is Sofia.” She hobbled around the counter on a cane.

Sounds Mexican. 
Eve pondered the old woman pulling a chamois cloth from her pocket.

“Italian, actually. Papa worked in a Lamborghini factory, and Mama smashed her Fairlane through the storefront because, she said, he was gorgeous.” Sofia ran fingers over the hood of a pink convertible and then turned her attention to a dark blue Mustang. Both vehicles stood behind ropes, just like the Model-T.

“Oh.” Eve took a few steps and scanned the store for a face-saving excuse for being there. Old, polished planks squeaked beneath her high heels, and the display cases shone with fine wood and glass. Chrome wheels and trophies from antique automobile shows hung on the walls. “I was driving through, when I noticed your sign.”

“Uh huh. I see. What kind of husband are you looking for?” Sofia tenderly polished the Mustang’s fender.

“I’m not . . . .” Eve’s thoughts rushed back to the girls’ chattering about their plans for Valentine’s Day. She’d overheard Mary Alice tell Rachael that she’d bet five dollars Eve wouldn’t have a date, that she’d probably be sitting at home, by herself. Silently, Eve placed her own bet; she’d find someone to go out with tomorrow, if it were the last thing she’d do. Then she’d left work early, claiming a headache, and driven aimlessly until she’d stumbled upon this tiny little town a couple hours outside the city.

“You won’t find what you’re looking for until you’re sure of what you need.” Sofia interrupted Eve’s morose thoughts.

Eve focused directly on the old woman’s eyes and decided to play dumb. What had she been thinking, going there? “I . . . I don’t know what—”

“I think maybe you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. We only need to draw it out. Tommy and I fell in love in that 1955 pink Cadillac.” She nodded toward the convertible. “Papa was a mechanic, you see, and I always helped him.”

Eve turned her attention from the Caddie to the wall of framed photographs behind the cash register. She studied the top portrait; black and white, the picture showed a grinning bride and groom standing before an old car just like the Model-T. Each picture below showed them aging together in front of yet another antique automobile, until finally, Sofia stood alone beside a gravestone in a cemetery, the Model-T parked in the background.

“We knew what we needed and we found it together.” Sofia’s statement brought the real issue into focus.

Eve tried to stop wringing her fingers and bit her lower lip instead. What would she like in a husband? “I suppose it would be nice to find someone successful and charming.”

Sofia stopped polishing and looked Eve up and down. “That’s what your girlfriends have, so that’s what you think you need too. But, I don’t think that’s it at all.”


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Get to know ~ Kimber An 

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