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Hello! First, I want to thank Abby-Rae Rose for allowing me to kick off my blog blitz here, on her beautiful blog. Abby-Rae is a Noble Romance Publishing Hot New Talent author, so I thought this might be a good place to talk about this special NRP program.

Like probably every other publisher out there, we receive a ton of submissions from brand new, never-before-published authors. Some of these submissions are really good, but let’s be honest, first releases from brand new authors who haven’t developed a readership don’t go far toward paying the bills. In the past, we offered contracts for a lot of these books, but we weren’t seeing the kind of return we needed to see in order to keep doing so. In the end, we were faced with two choices: stop accepting so many brand new authors, or figure out a way to continue accepting the better stories and still make money at the same time.

And so, we created Noble’s Hot New Talent Program.

Hot New Talent authors are gifted writers with terrific stories. Some of them have a firm grasp of what being an e-published author is all about. They have blogs and websites, they’ve subscribed to all the social media sites, they network with other authors, and they’ve already started working on developing their reader following. But some of these new authors are truly brand new. No website, no blog, no networking . . . and most importantly, no idea where to begin. This is where Noble’s Hot New Talent Program comes into play.

In exchange for various contract terms and conditions, Noble offers the helping hand brand new authors need to kick off their e-published author career. We answer questions, offer assistance, help them put together a plan to promote their first book, and provide them with an author mentor. Additionally, we provide each HNT author with gift certificates they can use as prizes, and just recently, we teamed up with Coffee Time Romance and More to provide each HNT author with a promotional package they can use to help get their first release in front of thousands of readers.

Since this is a brand new program, we’re still working to build on our original idea to help authors launch their e-publishing careers. Over the coming weeks, we hope to add additional valuable elements to this program, all designed to help HNT authors get the word out about their first release.

Oh, and one more thing… Noble’s Hot New Talent Program isn’t just for authors. One of the most exciting elements of this program is the cost of these terrific books! Priced between .99 and $1.99, these stories provide readers with the chance to discover new authors at very little risk to their wallets. Hot New Talent books are exactly the same as any other book. They are well written, with interesting and exciting plots and three-dimensional characters. Every book goes through a thorough editing process. We don’t scrimp or cut corners anywhere.

The only difference readers will notice is the price! J

Authors interested in submitting to take part in our Hot New Talent Program should read our submissions guidelines. Readers who would like to discover some amazing new authors, visit Noble Romance Publishing, or Noble Young Adult, Not Just Romance!

Thanks again, Abby-Rae, for having me here. I hope I’ve provided some useful information for your readers.

Jill N. Noble, CEO

Noble Romance Publishing, LLC



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