Dear Diary Entry #4

Dear Dairy,

Today is day four of my three-month journey in the mentor program.


Fourth Assignment

Write a scene for Rebecca’s POV.



“It’s just a party, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Rebecca parked and grabbed the wrapped box off the back seat. The fabric from her dress rubbed against her skin causing her to fidget as she rushed up the walk. She hated dressing up. She hated wearing dresses even more. Switching the box to her other arm, she sighed and reached up to adjust her dress strap, when she tripped over a stone step, falling to the ground with a loud thud. Could she be clumsier? Was anyone watching?

Quickly she jumped up. She could feel her face getting hot, red as a rose. She Looked to see if anyone was around, How embarrassing. Rebecca pushed off the dirt on her dress and searched around to find where the box had landed.  She was glad it wasn’t glass, instead it was a nice wood sign that said “welcome” that she carved herself.  The sound of the front door opening made her work harder to find the gift. Running around to the side of the house, Rebecca kneeled down; she would look in a minute. She couldn’t hear anything, so she decided to have a look. A man stood next to the post, looking out into the front yard.

“Oh, boy,” she whispered, quickly placing her hands in the grass leaning forward to get a better look.


Well diary, that’s all I have to share today.We had a really bad storm today. So, I was only able to share a snippet of Rebecca’s POV.  My next assignment is to make some edits to George’s POV. I think I did good without making any changes, edits, or revisions.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Abby Rae

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