Dear Diary Entry #2

Dear Diary,

Today is day two of my three-month journey in the mentor program.  My second assignment was a continue of Character Development. Understanding your Hero/Heroine.

Here are some of  the Q&A:

  1. What is it that makes he/she tick?
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen
  • She has learned self-acceptance is the only way to find meaning. The more she embraces her true self, the more meaning she will find. There is no other way.
  • She loves anything and everything.
  • She enjoys small and big things.
  • Whenever she finds something that is interesting to her, even if it seems not to bring any material gratification, it is all about experience.
  1. What drives he/she in the decisions he/she makes?
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen
  • Her emotions drive the decisions she makes.
  • Her success may depends upon her ability to understand and interpret them.
  • “gut feeling”
  • If something does not feel right, her emotional system informs her to further evaluate the situation
  1. Ideals?  political standpoint
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen

I’m Having trouble with this subject.

  1. Major bleeding emotional wounds, which might be affecting those?
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen
  • She chooses actions and form opinions via mental processes that are influenced by biases, reason, emotions, and memories.
  • Fear of Embarrassment

I’m happy to say it was easier this time around. The only trouble I had was the Political standpoint. I’m not going to lie I have little knowledge of anything that deals with the government.

So, my lesson of the day was to learn a little about the government systems. Which I was happy learning.


Well, the reality is, politics in a nutshell is just how you feel about the country as a group. The biggest question is the one I asked you yesterday about your hero… how do you feel the resources should be managed.

~ Quote Unknown

You have the Republicans/conservatives who believe that the government should have no say in where your money goes. It should basically just be every man for himself.

Then you have the Democrats/liberals who believe that the government should take care of things like education, health care, etc… and that, while if you work hard, you can still climb the ladder to the top, we support everyone in our society.

~ Quote Unknown

I’m sure there is more to the understanding of everything Government. Right now, I’m glad I learned something new. My new assignment is going to be fun. I get to write! YAY

Well dairy thats all I have to share today. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Abby- Rae


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