Dear Diary Entry #1

Dear Diary,

Today was day one of my three-month journey in the mentor program. I must say I’m very excited. My first assignment was about Character Development. Understanding  your Hero/Heroine.

We started by her giving me an analogy :

We’re going to compare your story to a blanket. We start with raw cotton. This is the ‘idea’. You pick out any major imperfections and then begin to work it into fibers. The fibers are our characters. Doesn’t sound terribly important… but fibers are very important.The fibers are spun into threads. The threads are your story lines.Threads have a mostly straight trajectory, but they have to be flexible to be woven together. The threads are woven together to make a fabric. The fabric is your story. You just finish the edges and finish off the details for your finished product.

Quote ~ My mentor


There where questions I had to ask myself…

what happens to the blanket if you start with weak fibers?

What happens to your story if you start with weak characters?

Does it matter what color the fibers are?

Does it matter where the fibers were grown?

Does it matter who made the fibers?


It is the integrity, the strength of the fibers that really matters in your blanket. Without them, nothing else can succeed.

Quote ~ My mentor

So, with those questions buzzing around in my head. We began to work on my Hero ( George) But we called him (Georgie).

“So, imagine George, standing in his family room alone one evening… just an average evening… how does he feel? Now add an acquaintance to the picture. Not a good friend… just a male that he knows and has no disagreements with. Is his conversation light-hearted? Serious? Charming? Reserved?”

Quote ~ My Mentor

She asked me questions to help me better understand him. To make me think of him as a real person. Which in the end really helped me develop an understanding that our characters are as human as “you and me.”

I figured out who Georgie was a person.

“Georgie is laid back when he’s alone. Slightly on edge. Attentive in the presence of others. He is not boastful, or outwardly arrogant. His guard is lowered much more around women.”His view of women’s inferiority will affect his decisions.”

We talked for hours, and I must say “I enjoyed it a lot.” When I was beginning to understand, she asked me another question.

“So, if someone killed his brother he would…”

Wow, Right. I was stunned for at least five seconds. My response was quick. “He would kill them, but only in justice.”

Well I learned fast to keep my mouth shut.  Because she hit me with another question.


“And what if it was a woman?”

Well if you remember from above. Georgie wouldn’t harm a women at all. So, I had to really think about what I was going to say. Which was… Nothing. I was really stuck. He would’t kill them… But why?


“Because of his protective nature of them and his inability to believe them capable of being dangerous to him.”

“This is why a female villain cannot be defeated by him. It is his weakness”

Right. That’s so awesome. But it was going to much into story planning then “Character Development.” In the end I learned that without knowing Georgie as a person. I would have never figured any of this out.  It was a great first day of chat, and learning on my part. My next assignment was on my Heroine – “Rebecca.”

Well, Diary that’s all I have to share today. I can’t wait to see whats next.


P.S I’m now wearing a rubber band on my wrist, due to the fact that I say “Sorry” a lot.

Every time I say sorry I have to pop the rubber band.

So,  how many times do you think I’ve said  “Sorry”




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  1. Great first day!!! I know you’re going to be awesome at all of this once you get thinking and putting it all together.

    Very exciting stuff.


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