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It’s time for the spring FREE EDIT CONTEST!

It’s time for the spring FREE EDIT CONTEST!


This one is going to be a bit different from the previous contests, because you’re not going to enter the contest on my blog…

…You’re going to enter over at!

It’s my new home for my freelance book editing. There’s more room for sharing information and for keeping up with previous clients and their upcoming books. I’ve worked hard to make it pretty, informative, and 100% professional.

They say that the first year of owning a small business is the hardest and I’ve been really blessed with my clients this past year. You’ve all allowed me to live the life that I’ve dreamed of. You’ve kept food on my table, kibble in Mollie’s bowl, and so many of you have recommended me to your friends that I’m kept busy.  And busy is good.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my red-inked heart!

Here’s to another year (and many more!) of great manuscripts and awesome friendships!


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Dear Diary Entry # 5-6

Dear Diary,

Yay!! I made it through a whole week in the mentor program. I’m super proud of myself. I’ve learned a lot about character development and the government. This weekend my mentor gave me homework… yes, homework. Here’s a little list of my goals this weekend.

Well this weekend … I’m cooking lol
Or I’m going to try … Not sure how its going to turn out.

My list for this weekend:

  • Finish cleaning my room
  • Finish my fourth assignment – Rebecca’s POV
  • Edit’s on George’s POV
  • Write my blog Entry’s (4-5-6)
  • Work on one of my WIP’s

Well that’s my list for this weekend. Well diary, that’s all I have to share today.  :) I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Abby Rae

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Dear Diary Entry #4

Dear Dairy,

Today is day four of my three-month journey in the mentor program.


Fourth Assignment

Write a scene for Rebecca’s POV.



“It’s just a party, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Rebecca parked and grabbed the wrapped box off the back seat. The fabric from her dress rubbed against her skin causing her to fidget as she rushed up the walk. She hated dressing up. She hated wearing dresses even more. Switching the box to her other arm, she sighed and reached up to adjust her dress strap, when she tripped over a stone step, falling to the ground with a loud thud. Could she be clumsier? Was anyone watching?

Quickly she jumped up. She could feel her face getting hot, red as a rose. She Looked to see if anyone was around, How embarrassing. Rebecca pushed off the dirt on her dress and searched around to find where the box had landed.  She was glad it wasn’t glass, instead it was a nice wood sign that said “welcome” that she carved herself.  The sound of the front door opening made her work harder to find the gift. Running around to the side of the house, Rebecca kneeled down; she would look in a minute. She couldn’t hear anything, so she decided to have a look. A man stood next to the post, looking out into the front yard.

“Oh, boy,” she whispered, quickly placing her hands in the grass leaning forward to get a better look.


Well diary, that’s all I have to share today.We had a really bad storm today. So, I was only able to share a snippet of Rebecca’s POV.  My next assignment is to make some edits to George’s POV. I think I did good without making any changes, edits, or revisions.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Abby Rae

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Dear Diary Entry # 3

Dear Diary,

Today is day three of my three-month journey in the mentor program.

Third Assignment

Write a scene from George’s POV.

The premise of the scene is this:

He’s having some sort of party/gathering at his home.  He discovers Rebecca in a part of the house she shouldn’t be.  She is just a friend of a friend, so he has no idea who she is, but he suspects she may have been snooping.


( This post was after I talked to my mentor, minor edits were made)

“It’s now or never.”

George ( Add feeling) pulled his green polo shirt over his head. Looking in the mirror, he adjusted the collar and tucked it into his khaki pants. (sighed) One final look and he was ready to join his family and friends for the party. It was a house warming party set up by his mother. He’d finally decided to purchase his first house. “You need a foundation, how else do you plan to care for my future grandkids.” His mother would always say. Shaking his head, he grabbed his watch and wallet off the dresser placing it in his back pocket. People had already started to arrive. It would be rude for the host to be late. He laughed at his last thought before closing his bedroom door and heading downstairs. (Another place you can reinforce how is really feeling about this party)(Explain him coming downstairs, what did he see?)

“There he is! I was just about to come and drag you out of your room.” George smiled and hugged his mother. She was the sweetest woman he knew. She squealed as he grabbed her into a bear hug, spun her around before placing her on the ground again. (Make him want to pulls his hair out… put in a relevant comment) He loved his mother even when she would make him want to pull his hair out.

“Yes, Ma I’m sorry it took me so long,” he spoke softly into her ear. Some of his cousins, congratulated him, and commented on the house. His whole family was present. Coming from an Irish family, it wasn’t a surprise. After giving many, “Thanks” George headed for the kitchen in search for the delicious food he smelled. (Example -He loved his mother, even though she insisted on celebrating every event with the entire family.)

George stopped at the bar to grab a beer. The crowd had spilled through the French doors out into the landscape backyard. He found his best friend’s Robert, Jennifer, and someone he’d never seen before on the patio. He stomach growled, he would stop and say hello later, right now food. (Talk about him walking in the kitchen)

(Abrupt)Time was flying quickly, and people already started to head home. The food was amazing. He would have to thank his mother later. Stopping at the bar, he grabbed another beer.  Conversations were light, casual, mostly about business, and family. George was never one for small talk. It annoyed him. Like right now, his uncle was talking about his latest fishing trip, and George could care less. Who wants to sit on a boat all day? Sure as hell wouldn’t be him.  Glancing around, George looked for an excuse, but everyone was busy at the moment, even his mother. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please excuse me, um… I need to take care of something,” he smiled.

“Yeah, boy take care of that, but hurry back, I was just getting to the best part,” his uncle drunkenly announced.

George nodded his head and walked away. Maybe he could sneak upstairs for a little while and no one would notice. Swallowing the last of his beer, he tossed the can into the trash bin next to the stairs. Afraid someone would notice, he took the steps two at a time. Laughing at his attempt to get away from his family, something had fallen. Looking around he noticed that his bedroom door cracked open.  Walking slowly he could hear footsteps walking from his bedroom into his bathroom. Not wanting to alert the person, he stopped and pulled off his boots, placing them next to his bedroom door. (Example – The light in the bathroom was on, sending a shadow cascading across the bed.)

The light in the bathroom was on. He could see a shadow cascading off the bed.  He shifted his weight trying to get a better look. Upstairs was off limits to guest and family, he made sure of it himself. So who was upstairs? And why were they in his room?

His stood there for a while. The person never re-entered his room. So, he couldn’t tell if it was a man or women. Then he heard someone swear silently.  It was a woman George smiled to himself. Standing tall, he entered his room. The intruder must have not heard him walk in because she hadn’t walked out of the bathroom. Why was she in his room? There is a guest bathroom down stairs, he thought to himself. As he walked to the door, he stopped. It was her! The girl that was with Robert and Jennifer earlier, she was beautiful. Her long brown hair stopped mid of her back. Her shape was of an hourglass, slim at the top, then curvy playing out the nicest ass he had seen in months. Clearing his throat, he noticed she went stiff.

“Not saying I object to you being in my bathroom. I would like to know why?” He leaned his shoulder against the door jam, glancing at the mirror so he could get a look at her face. She had her head down, but he could see the red rising up her neck. Was she blushing? Not wanting to scare her, he smiled.

“ Um…Um… I…I’m sorry, the lady down stairs told me I could use the upstairs bathroom. The guest bathroom was occupied,” she replied softly.

George knew of the woman she spoke of, his mother. Leaning away from the door jam, he walked over and sat on the toilet, closing the lid before taking a seat. He leaned his head back against the wall and turned so he could look at her. Red patches filled her face, she was embarrassed, but he wasn’t sure about what?

“Well, I’m not going to lie, I needed to get away,” he replied, rewarded when she glanced at him with a questionable look on her face.

“It’s your house warming party, why are you hiding.”

“Family,” was all he replied, before grabbing a face towel off the counter and passing it to her. She looked at his outreached hand for a moment, and then turned away, causing him to frown.  Why did she turn away? Was he being rude?

What the hell? This is his house, his bathroom. He should be the one pissed. He watched her for a moment and noticed that his first aid kit was on the counter. He looked around to see if he noticed anything. Blood, he noticed it was on his floor. Had she cut herself? He looked at her closely now, and noticed her ears were a bright red. Leaning forward to get a better look at her lower body, he noticed blood running down her leg. Jumping up, he startled her. She jumped back and bumped her legs against the tub causing her to fall backwards into it.

He rushed forward to help her. She looked startled and scared, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you…I um… Damn, do you need pads, or something, I could go ask my…” her eyes were beautiful, hazel brown with thick eyelashes that made them stand. Her face was round. She had a full set of lips that made him wonder how soft they were. Grabbing her hands, he pulled her out of the tub. She was short, her head only reaching his chest bone. She quickly pulled her hands away giving him the evil eye.  He smiled, he couldn’t help it, she looked like a small puppy trying to act like a pit bull.

“I’m not on my period. I tripped coming into the house from the patio,” she snapped. (She needed to make him back pedal a bit first and sort of take the upper hand, and then give in.)

“Oh, well let me help you with that.” George turned and grabbed the first aid kit of the counter. When he turned back around, she had taken a seat on the rim of the tub. He bent down, placing the kit in front of him.

“Put your leg straight out for me. I need to see the wound.” He watched her face looking for a sign or an emotion to cross it, telling him to stop. But, nothing but a small smirk appeared making his smile in return.

“Your bossy, you know that,” a hint of laughter on her voice.

“Well, when someone walks into my bedroom, goes through my stuff without permission, and then gives me the evil eye, I think I have a right, don’t you? “

George began to clean her knee. It wasn’t bad just a few scratches. He placed a SpongeBob square pants band-aid on her knee. It was all he had, his little brother always hurt himself. After cleaning up the mess and wiping down the remaining blood, he threw everything in the trash. He turned on the water to wash his hands, while watching her in the mirror.  She was rubbing her knee, when she looked up and seen him watching her. So beautiful.

“So, what’s your name,” he asked while grabbing a washcloth turning to face her.

Red returned to her cheeks, as she bit her bottom lip. He could tell she was debating on telling him the truth. Hell, she could walk out his door and never see him again. And he cared why? Turning away, he threw the cloth into the hamper. Turning back around, she now stood by the bathroom door, smiling, “Rebecca.”

“I’m George,” he replied before following her back into the hallway. He watched as she descended the stairs. He would see her again. He had a gut feeling.

Well diary, that’s all I have to share today. My next assignment is to make some edits to George’s POV, then write Rebecca’s POV. I think I did good without making any changes, edits, or revisions. Now lets see what I can do with all the changes made. 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Abby Rae

P.S  Go check out Authors Kitchen they have a new post!! Yumm food. 🙂

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Dear Diary Entry #2

Dear Diary,

Today is day two of my three-month journey in the mentor program.  My second assignment was a continue of Character Development. Understanding your Hero/Heroine.

Here are some of  the Q&A:

  1. What is it that makes he/she tick?
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen
  • She has learned self-acceptance is the only way to find meaning. The more she embraces her true self, the more meaning she will find. There is no other way.
  • She loves anything and everything.
  • She enjoys small and big things.
  • Whenever she finds something that is interesting to her, even if it seems not to bring any material gratification, it is all about experience.
  1. What drives he/she in the decisions he/she makes?
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen
  • Her emotions drive the decisions she makes.
  • Her success may depends upon her ability to understand and interpret them.
  • “gut feeling”
  • If something does not feel right, her emotional system informs her to further evaluate the situation
  1. Ideals?  political standpoint
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen

I’m Having trouble with this subject.

  1. Major bleeding emotional wounds, which might be affecting those?
  • Rebecca Ann Morgen
  • She chooses actions and form opinions via mental processes that are influenced by biases, reason, emotions, and memories.
  • Fear of Embarrassment

I’m happy to say it was easier this time around. The only trouble I had was the Political standpoint. I’m not going to lie I have little knowledge of anything that deals with the government.

So, my lesson of the day was to learn a little about the government systems. Which I was happy learning.


Well, the reality is, politics in a nutshell is just how you feel about the country as a group. The biggest question is the one I asked you yesterday about your hero… how do you feel the resources should be managed.

~ Quote Unknown

You have the Republicans/conservatives who believe that the government should have no say in where your money goes. It should basically just be every man for himself.

Then you have the Democrats/liberals who believe that the government should take care of things like education, health care, etc… and that, while if you work hard, you can still climb the ladder to the top, we support everyone in our society.

~ Quote Unknown

I’m sure there is more to the understanding of everything Government. Right now, I’m glad I learned something new. My new assignment is going to be fun. I get to write! YAY

Well dairy thats all I have to share today. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Abby- Rae


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Dear Diary Entry #1

Dear Diary,

Today was day one of my three-month journey in the mentor program. I must say I’m very excited. My first assignment was about Character Development. Understanding  your Hero/Heroine.

We started by her giving me an analogy :

We’re going to compare your story to a blanket. We start with raw cotton. This is the ‘idea’. You pick out any major imperfections and then begin to work it into fibers. The fibers are our characters. Doesn’t sound terribly important… but fibers are very important.The fibers are spun into threads. The threads are your story lines.Threads have a mostly straight trajectory, but they have to be flexible to be woven together. The threads are woven together to make a fabric. The fabric is your story. You just finish the edges and finish off the details for your finished product.

Quote ~ My mentor


There where questions I had to ask myself…

what happens to the blanket if you start with weak fibers?

What happens to your story if you start with weak characters?

Does it matter what color the fibers are?

Does it matter where the fibers were grown?

Does it matter who made the fibers?


It is the integrity, the strength of the fibers that really matters in your blanket. Without them, nothing else can succeed.

Quote ~ My mentor

So, with those questions buzzing around in my head. We began to work on my Hero ( George) But we called him (Georgie).

“So, imagine George, standing in his family room alone one evening… just an average evening… how does he feel? Now add an acquaintance to the picture. Not a good friend… just a male that he knows and has no disagreements with. Is his conversation light-hearted? Serious? Charming? Reserved?”

Quote ~ My Mentor

She asked me questions to help me better understand him. To make me think of him as a real person. Which in the end really helped me develop an understanding that our characters are as human as “you and me.”

I figured out who Georgie was a person.

“Georgie is laid back when he’s alone. Slightly on edge. Attentive in the presence of others. He is not boastful, or outwardly arrogant. His guard is lowered much more around women.”His view of women’s inferiority will affect his decisions.”

We talked for hours, and I must say “I enjoyed it a lot.” When I was beginning to understand, she asked me another question.

“So, if someone killed his brother he would…”

Wow, Right. I was stunned for at least five seconds. My response was quick. “He would kill them, but only in justice.”

Well I learned fast to keep my mouth shut.  Because she hit me with another question.


“And what if it was a woman?”

Well if you remember from above. Georgie wouldn’t harm a women at all. So, I had to really think about what I was going to say. Which was… Nothing. I was really stuck. He would’t kill them… But why?


“Because of his protective nature of them and his inability to believe them capable of being dangerous to him.”

“This is why a female villain cannot be defeated by him. It is his weakness”

Right. That’s so awesome. But it was going to much into story planning then “Character Development.” In the end I learned that without knowing Georgie as a person. I would have never figured any of this out.  It was a great first day of chat, and learning on my part. My next assignment was on my Heroine – “Rebecca.”

Well, Diary that’s all I have to share today. I can’t wait to see whats next.


P.S I’m now wearing a rubber band on my wrist, due to the fact that I say “Sorry” a lot.

Every time I say sorry I have to pop the rubber band.

So,  how many times do you think I’ve said  “Sorry”



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