Dear Diary (pre-post)

Well, as some of you know I’m apart of Romance Divas (romance writing site).

Anyways, I’m in the mentor program this year as a Mentee.

The program is a great way to learn new writing techniques, and grow as a writer. I’m so happy to take part in this  years program. I have a great mentor (whom shall not be named). I’m hoping to gain a lot of great information, also to better myself as an aspiring author. The program last for three months *whip*

Yes!! I know right. That doesn’t seem like enough time, but its going be fun.

So, for my readers…  A treat.

I’m going to keep a “DIARY

Yes! An Online Diary for your eyes!!

While I take this journey, I’m sure there will be days I want to pull my hair out. Were I’ll be tired from all the stress. However, there will be moments that will change me as a person.

I’m looking forward to this three-month journey. And I hope you will enjoy my Diary.



4 thoughts on “Dear Diary (pre-post)

  1. Ooo a diary! You’re being very brave (and I’m a little inspired and jealous!) I will definitely be checking this out daily!

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