And the second round finalists are…


No, I didn’t make it to the second round.. But Congrats to the Finalists 🙂


Congrats to all our 1st round finalists!

*tosses confetti*

Your chapters blew me away. :) I can’t imagine how Grace could narrow the field down…and this time to only three! Sheesh! But, alas, she has.

Without further delay, the Passionate Reads Pitch Contest second-round finalists (in no particular order) are…

Beyond Prudence by Anya Richards

Project NSA by Alexa Day

Dark Star by Callie Russell

Project NSA also won our reader’s choice vote, so only these three finalists will be moving on to the final round.

Congrats to all our finalists!  For those who didn’t make the cut, we wish you all the best in your publishing endeavors. This is such a subjective industry, so keep at it! And for those of you who missed Grace’s comment yesterday, she said she*might* be asking for an additional partial or two that didn’t make it through so watch those inboxes just in case!

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