Great News this Morning…

Thank you to those who voted for my book… Just got the news this morning………… I made it to the next round.. Yay!!!!!!!!! I am so excited 🙂

Without further delay, the Passionate Reads Pitch Contest first-round finalists (in no particular order) are…

Hearts on Fire by Catheryne E. Layne

The Market by Sorcha Mowbray

Beyond Prudence by Anya Richards

Scarred by Kendal Ashby

Collision by Cassandra Carr

To Tame a Wild Filly by Jeannene Walker

Project NSA by Alexa Day

Dancing Shadows by Abby-Rae Rose

Dark Star by Callie Russell

Spirit Island by Adelle Laudan

And the winner of our reader’s choice vote, who will also be moving on…

Sacking Austin by Lori Beth Johnson

Congrats to all our finalists!  For those who didn’t make the cut, we wish you all the best in your publishing endeavors. This is such a subjective industry, so keep at it!

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