Why I don’t leave the house!!!

Okay, this is the reason I don’t leave the house. I was at walmart shopping. Went to the car to load the bags. Started the car and popped the trunk. (Car is running). So I was loading the bags into the trunk and this lady in the next car shuts my car door to get into her car. I don’t flip out (Cause the keys are in the car.. and the car is on) So,I finish putting the bags away and close the trunk. I go to open the door and WTF? its locked. So, I am standing outside w/ no coat, It’s 25degrees outside and the wind is blowing.I look in the window and my purse with my wallet and my jacket are sitting on the seat looking at me laughing… Ugh,I called the fire department thinking they might come out because the car was running and locked, but the only come out when a child is in the car.So, Then I called home and to make it worst It takes 1hr  for someone to come help me. I don’t want to leave the car running, but I was cold and needed to get warm. I go back inside of walmart to wait. I WAS PISSED!!  Ugh I was cold, and crying and ready to go home. Finally, my family arrives. So we are trying to unlock the car.. but it has air bags UGH !!! So, This guys  goes thru the windshield (Don’t ask) Anyway, we get the window down. I get in the car about to drive away and look up. :( THE f**king WINDSHIELD IS BUSTED)… And to make it worse.. ITS NOT MY CAR!!!! my sister switched cars with me. OMG.. this is why I don’t leave the house.

Here is the damage …. It’s only $150 to fix… but I wish we had a spare key… Well now we have spares to all the cars !! HAHAHA


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