A new way to learn

Thursday 13

13 Things I learned today:

1. How to change a tire. (long story short. I hit a curb)

2. How to copy & paste. (Don’t laugh, It was a MAC)

3. How to Make a Peanut jelly Sauce (A big bowl is needed)

4. How to delete people from Facebook (400 friends I don’t know)

5. How to be Sarcastic (the end.)

6. How to talk my way out of speeding ticket ( smile a lot)

7. How to Not argue with a Chinese lady doing your toes (my feet hurt)

8. How to bath a cat ( ugly turnout)

9. How to Ask for a letter of recommendation ( college fun)

10. How to multi task (great for writers)

11. How to sneak into a hotel pool (holiday inn never seen me coming )

12. How to change a baby’s Diper without getting peed on (yay)

13. Finally, last but not least. MAKE A LIST OF HOW TO DO THINGS LOL…..

That was 13 things I learned how to do . I must say it was all fun. Well maybe not the changing of the diaper, or changing of the tire, but for the most part it was all fun.


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