7years Isn’t Enough

January 11,2009

The Mississippi Highway Patrol investigating a deadly hit and run. 19-year-old Devin Gray was riding a bicycle Saturday night on Lakeland Drive when he was hit by a truck. He was taken to UMC and died the next day from his injuries. Authorities say though the truck didn’t stop– parts of it were found at the scene. Investigators believe it was a 2003 Chevy Avalanche and should have damage to the right headlight and grill. It’s also missing a passenger side mirror and possibly a fog light. The color has not been determined. Please call the Mississippi Highway Patrol if you have any information about this case.

Good news, they found the man who killed my husband two months later. The only way the found him was because the A****** was going around bragging about it.

Well today, I found out that they only gave this SH**T 7years, only 7 years for murder. I had to sit in court and listen while they asked him questions.

They asked him:
1. Do you know you killed Devin gray?
2. Why didn’t you stop?
3. Where did you get your car fixed?
4. Were you drinking?

This is what he said, “I was Scared, so I kept going; cleaned my car and went home. Then to top it off, he had two people in the car with him.

My husband, my best friend  laid in a ditch dead, while you just f**king drove off. What the hell. Then you have the nerve to just say you were scared. I don’t understand people, I really don’t. People get hard time for drug’s, while this man told the judge he killed my husband and they gave him 7years- with good behavior he could get probation.

I can’t stop crying, this is Stupid…

I still have nightmares from seeing my husband in the hospital bed on a ventilator, No life coming from his body.

Then he tells the judge, “My wife left me, I need to have time to get my house closed up. Will you grant me 30days to get things in order.”

Why on god’s green earth, why The judge granted him his request.

Omg my heart is in two.. Wow…

Things in my life will never be the same. 😦

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