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Firefighter Love

Today, I had a truck at 4am. ( I am a replenishment Manager ). Anyways, I was at work unloading store merchandise when I heard a loud thud. I have a team of three guys, and one gal excluding myself. So I just figured that it was one of them, So, I walked around back, ” Big mistake.”

It turned out that two of my employes decided to use their break as a HUNCHING party. Posted Image

I had no clue what to do! I Blush writing about sex, Let alone have a live porno right in front of me with two people I work with. So I ran into the office and called my friend Charles (Firefighter). I could have just broken them up, or called the store manager, But I still had a truck to finish.

So, he told me to just walk in and turn on the siren * Eye Brow Raise*

So, I started to laugh, why ?Posted Image

He asked if I had a blow horn. Of course we did have one. He said turn on the siren.

So, I said okay, grabbed the blow horn, stood straight, and walked out of the office. I figured they would have stopped and yeah I could write them up, but then I heard moaning and i almost laughed. So i did what he said, I plugged one ear and turned on the siren. Sure enough the male dropped the female and ran out of site. I doubled over laughing, you should have seen the look on their faces. Posted Image

I did end up firing both of them. The store manager came in early and looked at the tapes, sure enough it was all there, even me walking in with the blow horn. My boss looked at me and laughed, he said, ” That was creative.”

Well thanks to Charles, I handled it okay. Posted Image

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