Really ? Murder, Oh Boy’

I have written a western romance. The thing is i am new to all things publishing. I was at lunch with my best friend today, and we happen to be talking about my western. I blush when i talk about the sex scenes, hell i blush when i write them :). Anyways we are talking and in walk this man and his wife and they  sit in next booth. My best friend says ” Well i think that burning the body is harsh, but maybe burring it on the hill would be better,” i could only laugh of course. I reply, ” Well that would be all fine and dandy if it wasn’t the son of Mr. Holland. (BTW Mr. Holland is my neighbor). We could only laugh. So when we finally get our food, the couple is about to leave, the woman started to cry and i figured they just got in a fight. Then next thing i know the Police are coming in the door, i have never in my life gotten in so much trouble. It turns out the man in the booth was friends with Mr. Holland, and called the police telling them we murdered someone. I have never laughed so hard in my life. The sex scene was about a couple that got it on in the barn, but before they had she had accidentally killed her boyfriend when she shifted. well never again will i discuss sex and murder in the same sentence or use real people in my life names for my book.

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